Slow Fish 2018


Welcome! We’re thrilled you’re interested in being a part of Slow Fish 2018 in San Francisco. If you’re ready to buy tickets, head over to our event page now

We are Slow Food San Francisco, a relatively new Board that is passionate about seafood, the Earth’s waters, the work of fishing and harvesting folks, and consumer habits around fish consumption. We think San Francisco is a pretty special place, and defined in large part by the Pacific Ocean and the Bay. And we know that we can all be doing more to ensure that the waters around us stay healthy, and our coastal communities stay resilient.

So we were inspired to sponsor a community gathering for people that feel the same way about not only the Bay Area, but about the waters around the Earth and the seafood we eat.

Slow Fish 2018:


  1. Listen to attendees needs and desires

  2. Find collective solutions to issues

  3. Take Action

  4. Build network

  5. Share stories and keep the momentum going

Day 1:  Saturday, April 14th 2018:

  • Noon. Seafood Throwdown at CUESA’s Market Classroom.

  • Evening. Happy Hour Oyster Social hosted by TwoXsea and SF Port Authority plus Welcome Reception for Slow Fish attendees

Day 2:  Sunday, April 15th 2018 at SOMArts Center

  • Morning. Welcome, Keynote, Ohlone Blessings, and Slow Fish 101 presentation

  • Afternoon. World Cafe style session around themes of access, aquaculture, seafood procurement, and more.

  • Evening. Happy hour at SOMArts Center.

  • Evening. Bristol Bay *Fishermen support dinner in Sausalito —-> SOLD OUT

Day 3: Monday, April 16th 2018

  • All day. Pesca Kucha-style powerpoint presentations (similar to what we did in New Orleans: 20 slides with 20 seconds of story per slide) that highlight how the Slow Fish values are showing up in our fishing communities around the region.

  • Evening. Seafood dinner and fisheries films at AirBnB headquarters.

Thank you!

Slow Food San Francisco