A Slow Fish gathering, rooted in the Slow Fish campaign, is held every two years in Genoa, Italy.  Increasingly, Fishing and Harvesting folks, activists, food-lovers, chefs, and community builders in North America are inspired for the movement to continue outside of Genoa.

Two years ago New Orleans celebrated with the first Slow Fish conference and fair in the United States.  In 2018, we will bring Slow Fish to San Francisco.

Our format will be simple: We will engage in a World-Cafe style conference on Sunday.  Overall this format allows for many people to participate and engage on several issues at once, rather than forcing folks to choose just one.  This is a great way for everyone to have a voice.  Monday will be more directive with Pesca Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds) presentations all around our Good, clean, and Fair Campaigns.

The Take Away:

1. Create a template to hold this event on the even years. (Slow Fish International happens in Genoa, Italy on the odd years.
2. Create a clear and digestible guideline for consumers with Slow Food Values: including our commitment to the 50/50 campaign.
3. Commit to action within industry, Slow Food and other organizations dedicated to sustainable seafood.
4. Document our conference presenters, and all future events so there’s free access to information around our work.  In Addition to the launching of the Slow Fish YouTube Channel!

Slow Food San Francisco believes in the vitality and importance of a working waterfront, community supported fisheries, and transparency in seafood.

With the support of Slow Food USA and many leaders in the fishing and food community we are the net! 

Slow Food SF and Slow Fish International will come together in April: Organizing Fishing and harvesting folks, chefs, scientists, and Slow Food activists to come together to improve our ocean’s vitality, seafood transparency, and honoring the fishermen that provide us.

Learn more about the Slow Fish in Genoa:  Understanding The Oceans.

To be a part of the Slow Fish San Francisco gathering, buy your tickets HERE!



Note about Language:  We have decided to use Fishing and Harvesting folks to invite a gender neutral vibe.  We understand that all people, men, women and families make our network strong and vibrant.  Slow Food San Francisco and the Slow Fish 2018 committee would like to hold a dedicated discussion around language.  Please feel free to contact us with ideas and your interest in helping facilitate this discussion.